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Records Retention Services

Records Management & Storage

Do You Retain Records? Store Them With Us And Save Space And Money!

If your business is required to retain records, this is for you. We have an excellent space and money-saving resource for attorneys, hospitals, doctors, real estate offices, banks, insurance companies, service organizations and manufacturers.

There are many benefits of our service that you should consider:


With our computerized bar-coding system, you can be assured of rapid and accurate retrieval of your records. Your records are bar-coded so that we can find exactly what you need in a matter of minutes.


Misfiles are virtually eliminated. In most cases ProFILE can retrieve them faster than your own file clerks could and, you can choose the method of delivery. Our records center can be looked at as an extension of your office...at far less cost.


Your material is protected from fire, theft and unauthorized access. No one but the individuals you authorize and our bonded records specialists will know your "assigned" code and have access to your records. You can be sure the information in your files is safe from prying eyes.


Our building is fully insured for fire and theft. Security alarms and temperature control systems further protect your valuables. Our shelving was developed for the specific purposes of storing records and media. Our storage containers are designed to last!


You'll keep only your current files in your office, increasing your office efficiency. You'll need fewer file cabinets and file clerks. You'll have more productive and usable space by eliminating crowding caused by inactive files. You'll reduce the need for expanding your office space as your business grows. You'll reduce operating and capital costs. You'll be able to focus on core-competency.


To view the General Guidlines on Record Retention, Click Here.

To Download A Copy of The Record Retention Guide, Click Here.

Record Management Services

Records Retention Services

Storage per month each carton:

Check Box $0.40
1.2 cubic foot $0.60
1.8 cubic foot $0.95
2.4 cubic foot $1.10
Receiving New Cartons $2.20
Retrieval per Carton $2.20
Return to Storage $2.20
Remove from Premises $4.00
Retrieval per File $2.20
Create File Folder $1.75

 Pallet Storage/60" High Pallets

In/Out Truck $12.00 per pallet
In/Out Ocean Containers $18.00 per pallet
Cross Dock Service $8.00
Storage Per Month $15.00
Access Charge $8.00





 Banker Boxes/Supplies

Description Size Price
ProFILE Poly Bags 30" x 38" x .003 Clear $49.50 50/CASE
X-Ray Boxes 15" x 6" x 16" $2.30 EA
1.2 Cube w/lid 15" x 10" x 12" $2.30 EA
1.8 Cube w/lid 12" x 24" x 10.25" $9.75 EA
2.4 Cube w/lid 15" x 24" x 10.25" $10.90 EA

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