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Online Document Management

Archive Your Files Digitally And Access Them Anywhere, Anytime!

Have you misplaced another document?  Are you looking for that key piece of information but cannot remember which file folder you placed it in?  It's time you made digital document management an integral part of your business.

ProFILE is committed to providing its customers the best state-of-the-art services by staying ahead of the game when it comes to technology.  That is why we developed Filegofer.  Filegofer is a cloud based document archiving and management system.  With Filegofer you can archive your documents online and then retrieve them from anywhere at anytime, the office, the hotel, home, or the coffee shop.

Utilizing Filegofer as one of your business solutions has many benefits besides keeping your business files organized.  Filegofer increases file accessibilty, increases productivity, and is "Green" which saves paper and printing costs and that is good for everyone.

The Filegofer system is hosted on the Rackspace Cloud Server which is equipped with a double redundant back up system to insure an uninterrupted access to your files.  The Filgofer system is also protected with 256-bit encryption, which protects your data and information from being hacked into.

Using Filegofer Will Save Your Business Time & Money

Let's face it, in business Time = Money, and Filegofer is a cost effective solution that will add $$$ to your businesses bottom line.

Filegofer's digital filing cabinet system will allow you to eliminate almost any paper file in your office.  There will be no more wasted time spent filing and retrieving paper documents from the file room. The cost savings associated with reducing paper and printing materials is enough alone to switch to Filegofer.

Using Filegofer can also save you valuable time!  Say you left that important file on your desk and now you are sitting in your hotel room preparing for your presentation the next day.  With Filegofer you can access your files from anywhere at any time with any Internet connection.  No need to travel back to the office to retrieve the file, it is available to you at the click of a button. With Filegofer's simple, flexible, and customizable filing cabinet system, finding the correct files is faster than ever, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Using Filegofer will save you money! For example, say in an office it takes an employee 5 minutes to walk to a file cabinet, search for a document, and return to their desk to complete the required task.  After the task is complete, the employee must return to the file cabinet, file the document and return to their desk.  That is 10 minutes spent on one file for one task.  What if that person completes that same routine four to six times a day?  That is 40-60 minutes of a work day spent walking and searching for information.  If that is a $15/hour employee, the costs associated with this routine could be a savings of $2,600-3,900 per year.  What if you had multiple employees’s completing this same routine each day? The increase in productivity using Filegofer can be staggering over the course of a year.

Using Filegofer Saves The Environment

Using a digital document management system relieves a businesses dependance on paper and printing materials which saves trees, water, oil and decreases the amount of air pollution and refuse in landfills.

Going "Green" is a big deal these days and everyone is chipping in to do their part.  Utilizing filegofer in your office will cut down on the amount of paper and printing materials.  This will in return save trees and cut down the amount of waste going into landfills.  Not only is this good business practice, it will be good for everyone.


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