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Our Facility

Many Services Under One Roof In Our Secure 50,000 SF Facility

Our facility is located at the base of the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsula's in Traverse City in Northwest Michigan.

Our building consists of 50,000 SF and includes the following features:


The entire facility is monitored by an alarm system for both unauthorized access and fire.  All of our Access Controlled areas are monitored by a digital closed circuit camera system.

Linear Storage Area

Our Linear Storage section allows us to store mecial files easily and efficiently.

Records Storage Area

We store thousands of boxes for hundreds of clients in our Records Storage area.  Our computerized bar-coding system ensures rapid and accurate retrieval of your documents.

Media Rotation Vault

We have a seperate 2-hour fire rated room within our facility for the storage and rotation of digital media and tapes.  This room has a seperate set of climate controls to ensure proper care and storage of these delicate items.

Secure Shredding Area

The secure shredding area is seperated by the rest of the facility by a 8' high locked enclosure with additional laser sensors to eliminate access except by screened Access Employees.  This area is also monitored by the closed circuit cameras.

Scanning & Imaging Room

The Scanning & Imaging room is a seperate room within the facility.  This room also has a seperate climate control system to provide for the highest quality output of your scanning and imaging projects.


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