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Using An Digital Document Management System Will Save You Money

Posted by Kevin Endres - Jan 27, 2011

Using An Digital Document Management System Will Save You Money

By creating digital files right from your computer instead of printing them, or scanning paper files into a digital format, and then storing them online will save you time and money!

For example, say in an office it takes an employee 5 minutes to walk to a file cabinet, search for a document, and return to their desk to complete the required task.  After the task is complete, the employee must return to the file cabinet, file the document and return to their desk.  That is 10 minutes spent on one file for one task.  What if that person completes that same routine four to six times a day?  That is 40-60 minutes of a work day spent walking and searching for information.  If that is a $15/hour employee, the costs associated with this routine could be a savings of $2,600-3,900 per year, per employee.  What if you had multiple employees’s completing this same routine each day? The increase in productivity using an online storage service can be staggering over the course of a year.

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