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10 Questions You Should Ask About RIM Services

Posted by Kevin Endres - Jan 27, 2011

10 Questions You Should Ask About RIM Services

Before choosing a professional to handle your comany's information management needs, ask these 10 important questions.  We have provided answers as they relate to the services that ProFILE provides.

Can I access information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year?

  • ProFILE can pull the required piece of information and deliver it to your business typically within that business day.  If you prefer to archive and store your documents digitally, you can access your files anytime, anywhere utilizing our Filegofer online document management system.

Are your employees required to sign confidentiality agreements?

  • Yes.  All of our employees have signed confidentiality agrgeements and they can be viewed in our office at your request.  In addition to the confidentiality agreements, all of our employees have been run through background checks and random drug screening tests.

Do you allow employees to smoke on the premises?  What measures do you take to protect information in the event of fire?

  • Our facility is a smoke free facility.  The building is equipped with state-of-the-art smoke detectors and monitored by a third party emergency response company.  Our media vault provides extra security with a 2 hour rating for fire.  Our facility is fully insured in the event of a fire.

Can I review and photocopy documents onsite? How large is the client viewing area? Are there any time or volume limits?

  • ProFILE will pull any files requested by the client.  We do have an area within our main office for viewing of documents.  Photocopies can be made for the client to take with them.
  1. Are your magnetic media storage facilities and transportation vehicles climate controlled.
    • Our Media Storage Vualt within our facility is both secure, 2-hour fire rated, and climate controlled.  Our transport vehicle for media transportation is climate controlled.  All magnetic media is transported in TURLTE Data Transport Cases

What is your normal turnaround time for pickup and delivery? Are emergency delivery services available?

  • Our normal turnaround time for delivery and pick up is usually same business day.  For clients located within another geographic location, information can be overnighted.  ProFILE does have staff on call fro emergency delivery services.

What security measures control access to the building and ensure my confidential information is protected?

  • Every visitor entering our facility must report and sign in through the front entrance.  They are given a Guest Badge that indicates they are a Non-Access individual.  All Guests are accompanied at all times by an Access Employee.  Our facility is monitored throughout by digital closed circuit cameras. All exterior doors are locked an monitored by a third party alarm company.

What type of inventory tracking system do you have in place?

  • With our computerized bar-coding system, you can be assured of rapid and accurate retrieval of your records. Your records are bar-coded so that we can find exactly what you need in a matter of minutes.

Does your facility have measures in place to protect my company's information against damage from natural disasters, such as earthquakes and flood?

  • One of the great things about being located in Northwest lower Michigan, we are protected from almost all natural disasters.  We don't experience earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, or flooding. We may experience the occasional snow storm in winter, but nothing to harm the saftey of your records.

If any information needs to be destroyed, what's the process?

  • Because ProFILE also provides confidential shredding services under the same roof in a seperate secured area of our building, the process is seemless.  The same security systems are in place, your documents are handled by the same vetted employees, and they never have to leave our facility. After completion of the shred job, you will receive a Certification of Destruction for your files.

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